5G is the cause of COVID-19.


False. There is no scientific evidence that electrical signals such as 5G have any harmful effects on human immune systems.


There are no proven links between the roll out 5G technology and the outbreak of Covid-19. There is no scientific evidence that electrical signals such as 5G have any harmful effects on human immune systems. 5G is a radio wave-based communication technology, similar to the 4G mobile network that is currently used all over the world. Radio waves do not damage human DNA structures.

Some have looked to make the connection that as Covid-19 originated from the Chinese city of Wuhan, this is because it was the first place to install the 5G communications network. As FullFact states, whilst 5G was trialled in Wuhan, it was also trialled in a number of other big cities such as Beijing. Other countries such as South Korea also piloted 5G technology long before the Covid-19 outbreak was reported in Wuhan. 

Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, states that there is no scientific basis or credible evidence for claims that 5G is connected to the spread of the coronavirus. Ofcom has published electromagnetic field (EMF) measurements at 16 UK sites taken in February 2020, updated in April 2020 to 22 5G sites in 10 UK cities. At every site, Ofcom clearly states that emissions were a small fraction of the levels included in international guidelines. These guidelines are set by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). The maximum measured at any mobile site was approximately 1.5% of those levels – including signals from other mobile technologies such as 3G and 4G. The highest level from 5G signals specifically was 0.039% of the maximum set out in the international guidelines.

Ofcom’s explanation of the electromagnetic spectrum

As we have previously written, whilst the origin of Covid-19 has not been confirmed, it is thought to be a natural virus and according to the WHO probably has an ecological reservoir in bats.


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Origins of Claim


“In every stage of the electrification of the Earth, within six months there was a new flu pandemic all over the world… There has been a quantum leap in the last six months of the electrification of the Earth, that is called 5G, where they now have 20,000 radition-emmiting satellites. Just like the radiation emitting device in your pocket and on your wrist. That is not compatible with health, that is a water destructuring device.”