• RealMattCouch


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    • 2021-02-18

    More than 1/3 of U.S. Troops are refusing Covid Vaccines! Well done Men, don't make them force this idiocy on you!!

  • thebias_news


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    • 2021-02-18

    NEW: Almost one-third of US troops are refusing COVID vaccines, officials say (Military[.]com).

  • ShamsCharania


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    • 2021-02-18

    In announcing All-Star events on March 7, the NBA and NBPA will commit more than $2.5 million in funds and resources toward HBCUs and provide additional support and awareness around equity and access to COVID-19 care, relief and vaccines.

  • TimRunsHisMouth


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    • 2021-02-18

    Name something more likely to happen than Cuomo getting charged for murdering elderly people with COVID...GO!

  • brianklaas


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    • 2021-02-18

    It's not just that Cruz abandoned his state in one of its worst crises in years, it's also that 2,400 Americans died of covid yesterday and he's sending the message - yet again - that everyone should just go about business as usual. You couldn't make such callous recklessness up.

  • disclosetv


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    • 2021-02-18

    NEW - #Vatican to fire any employee who refuses to get a vaccine shot without a valid medical reason.

  • LanceUSA70


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    • 2021-02-18

    Ted's current record - ✔️Ignored COVID ✔️Spread false info claiming a "rigged election" ✔️Helped incite the worst insurrection against America in 200 years ✔️Fled the country while his constituents are freezing to death, hungry, have no water/electricity. #VoteHimOut

  • FaheemYounus


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    • 2021-02-18

    No vaccine can open a closed mind.

  • Feisty_FL


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    • 2021-02-18

    I’m in Florida and I test children from birth to 21 years old for Covid regularly and I haven’t had any positive tests in the last 2 weeks. The schools in Florida have been open. There is ZERO reason why schools should remain closed. Those that are should be defunded.

  • KerryDonovanCO


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    • 2021-02-18

    I would work with President Biden to deliver COVID relief to Coloradans. Lauren Boebert won’t even admit Joe Biden was elected President.

  • Nabyllionaire


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    • 2021-02-18

    Twitter "debate" roulette: Pep vs Klopp Davies vs Robbo Any RB ever vs Trent Mahrez/Son vs Salah Scholes vs Gerrard Terry vs VVD Coronavirus vs 2019/20 Liverpool Our injuries vs Liverpool's injuries Idk how you lot have the energy for this

  • Kavvasakiman


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    • 2021-02-18

    BORIS is trying to get to 'ZERO COVID' with a vaccine that DOESN'T STOP you catching covid... 🤔 His PLAN is clearly to keep everyone LOCKED UP INDEFINITELY.

  • NeilClark66


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    • 2021-02-18

    Piers Morgan. Robert Peston. When we’ve won this battle for our freedoms (& we will) we must never forget their advocacy of vaccine passports, which would deny the unvaccinated access not just to international travel, but to events, pubs, restaurants, shops & other public places.

  • KolbyLee


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    • 2021-02-18

    My grandparents are without power & water. My mom, a restaurant worker, is out of work without pay. My high-risk brother is on multiple vaccination waitlists. My U.S. Senator is in Cancun. #ResignTedCruz

  • cenkuygur


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    • 2021-02-18

    As things stand now, $15/hour minimum wage is in grave danger. It looks like @JoeBiden has abandoned it in #Covid relief bill. Corporate Democrats like Manchin & Sinema are against it. If they don't pass this, there'll be hell to pay. No progressive will accept this. Instant war.

  • covidperspectiv


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    • 2021-02-18

    Two letters to the NEJM just published: - Pfizer says new data shows 1 dose is 93% effective after 2 weeks, almost as good as 2 doses. They urge a change in policy to single dosing. - Moderna basically saying their vaccine is good against all variants except possibly S.A.

  • drsanjaygupta


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    • 2021-02-18

    I know you may have concerns about the new variants and whether our current vaccines will work against them. Some good news: a new lab study shows @pfizer 's vaccine offers solid protection against the variant first seen in South Africa aka B.1.351. (1/7)

  • EssexPR


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    • 2021-02-17

    Hey @Peston , You ignored the 57,000 case downward move on @Join_ZOE app, I didn’t. I tweeted their numbers everyday this year.. You now decide to do it after a tiny 200 case upward move, which the app developer says maybe a vaccine symptoms issue. You’re a disgrace.

  • ReportsDaNews


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    • 2021-02-17

    Limp dick @RonDeSantisFL suggests he will divert covid vaccines to areas not criticizing him. Very Republican of him.

  • themaxburns


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    • 2021-02-17

    Martha McSally told voters to skip meals in order to donate to the GOP cause. Rick Perry told Texans to go without heat & water to keep regulators away. Trey Hollingsworth said Americans should be willing to die of COVID to keep the economy open. The pro-life party!

  • LPerrins


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    • 2021-02-17

    So let me get this straight, they are going to go roll out mass testing, which will significantly increase number of positive Covid tests. But we can't unlock unless cases fall below 1000. Genius.

  • antonioguterres


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    • 2021-02-17

    Just 10 countries have administered 75% of all #COVID19 vaccines. Yet, more than 130 countries have not received a single dose. Those affected by conflict & insecurity are being left behind. Everyone, everywhere, must be vaccinated as soon as possible.

  • RepJeffries


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    • 2021-02-17

    Republicans are spending time attacking each other. Dems are spending time addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. We will pass the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan #ForThePeople.

  • UWFIllinois


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    • 2021-02-17

    BREAKING NEWS: A departmental breakdown shared with aldermen last week shows that, of the $403 million in discretionary federal funds provided to the city COVID-19 direct response, more than $280 million (!!!) went to the Chicago Police Department. #CARESNotCops #RightToRecovery

  • ewarren


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    • 2021-02-17

    Working families are on the brink—and have been struggling long before the pandemic. We have a chance to include a minimum wage increase in the COVID relief package, which will help our country build back better, stronger, and more resilient. It’s time to make it happen.

  • Coronavirusgoo1


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    • 2021-02-17

    Very good vaccine data: A study in Israel finds Pfizer's vaccine to be >95% effective. 0.1% of 602k vaccinated people tested positive compared to 3.9% of 528k unvaccinated people over same period. Only 7 serious cases out of 602k vaccinated people. via @ariehkovler

  • jay_mikee


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    • 2021-02-17

    A lot of us have gotten COVID and recovered without even knowing it.

  • gregkellyusa


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    • 2021-02-17

    Most Teachers don’t want to go back to school. They’re MILKING Covid for all it’s worth. The harm to children be damned —-not going to School (while being paid) is a Sweet Deal —-they’re gonna scrap the rest of the year.

  • English_bahen


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    • 2021-02-17

    My worry about #India giving away so much vaccine is that the west has never been grateful for anything India has done. It will forget this generosity very quickly India should prioritise vaccinating its own population over philanthropy to ungrateful countries #FirstOnKoo

  • McKaylaRoseJ


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    • 2021-02-17

    So basically Biden is ok with genocide in China, thinks blacks and hispanics are dumb, lied about vaccinations and admitted kids aren't really affected by Covid but still let's schools remain closed. Got it.

  • JamesMelville


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    • 2021-02-17

    “If the rollout of the vaccine programme continues to be successful…If deaths start to fall as the vaccine takes effect…Then I hope we can steadily move out of lockdown, reopening schools after the February half term.” ~ Boris Johnson, January 21, 2021

  • drjawalsh


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    • 2021-02-17

    Professor Dame Angela McLean, Deputy Chief Scientific Officer, was dropped from the No10 Covid Press Conference when she refused to lie for the government. She just told @CommonsSTC that * the proportion of deaths in the over 80s has not yet started to fall* despite the vaccine.

  • Kgomo389


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    • 2021-02-17

    The vaccine from India went straight to Bloem where it was kept for testing. J&J vaccine which is 57% effective and is NOT APPROVED has been taken to different parts of the country immediately after landing. #VaccineforSouthAfrica President Cyril Ramaphosa

  • svddendeathdub


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    • 2021-02-17

    the same people who have decided climate change and covid are political opinions are the same that supported donald trumps re-election. conspiracy theorists who hate the government/corporations, you support the MOST DANGEROUS corporations by standing against climate change.

  • LiamThorpECHO


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    • 2021-02-17

    So I’m not getting a vaccine next week - was feeling weird about why I’d been selected ahead of others so rang GP to check. Turns out they had my height as 6.2cm rather than 6 ft 2, giving me a BMI of 28,000 😂

  • RoshanehZafar


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    • 2021-02-17

    Arrived back from Uk today and must say was very impressed with the track and trace application and the immediate COVID testing at the Lahore airport. Everything was seamless. We seem to be doing somethings right. 👏👏

  • AkashSushiFORVR


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    • 226
    • 2021-02-17

    Salman khan is unable to release his film.. there are no restrictions on cinema. 100% occupancy allowed, vaccine out. But he is scared of public.. this is public power. Maintain this and thrash his films and trailers like we did in Antim teaser. Sushant killers cant escape

  • uTobian


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    • 2021-02-17

    Deaths from pathogenic priming will be blamed on new variants which will lead to new vaccine formulations that will cause even more deaths from pathogenic priming that will be blamed on even more new variants which will lead to even more new vaccines... It's a death spiral.

  • HillcrestCardCo


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    • 2021-02-17

    Trump: open the schools, covid doesn’t impact kids Liberals: boooo! Biden: open the schools, covid doesn’t impact kids Liberals: yayyyy!!

  • Bob_Wachter


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    • 271
    • 2021-02-17

    Prez Biden says vaccine available to all by July (600M doses). But 100M doses of J&J (one shot) by June. Likely that 1 dose after prior Covid will work, saving ~25-50M doses. And sadly, 20-40% may forego. So likely enuf vaccine for all who want by May. (US pop=330M, 250M adults.)

  • Actor_Vijay


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    • 2021-02-17

    “Superstars in Malayalam should take a leaf out of the stance taken by Tamil actor Vijay @actorvijay who had waited for nearly a year to release his #Master in cinemas following the COVID-19 crisis.” - K. Vijayakumar, president, Kerala Film Chamber.

  • VijayFansTrends


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    • 2021-02-17

    “Superstars in Malayalam should take a leaf out of the stance taken by Tamil actor Vijay @actorvijay who had waited for nearly a year to release his #Master in cinemas following the COVID-19 crisis.” - K. Vijayakumar, president, Kerala Film Chamber.

  • jonathanalter


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    • 2021-02-17

    Biden’s answer to that Second Grader and her fears of Covid was pitch perfect because it was an entirely authentic reflection of who he is.

  • NBAPaint1


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    • 2021-02-17

    I’m just letting y’all know if Lakers beat Nets we talking big shit, very important game.. If they loose it’s just COVID ball no biggie

  • JoeConchaTV


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    • 2021-02-17

    Biden claims during CNN Town Hall there was no vaccine when he came into office. First shots were administered in mid-December. This isn’t a semantical thing or the president misspeaking. It’s a straight up lie on a very important point.

  • RanvirShorey


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    • 309
    • 2021-02-17

    I have tested positive for #COVID19. Symptoms are mild. Am quarantining.

  • JohnAvlon


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    • 191
    • 2021-02-17

    It’s clear that Biden’s toughest questions with regard to Covid is a clear policy on opening schools. He’s restrained by state governments, true, but also unions. This is an issue that people are losing patience with...and the science has outpaced the politics in this issue.

  • BeverlyHallberg


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    • 2021-02-17

    President Biden said in reference to a vaccine -- "Which we didn't have when I came into office." That's just blatantly false. @CnnTown

  • ZafarHilaly


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    • 2021-02-17

    India’s Covid vaccine, the source of much gloating, turns out to be a deadly flop. Of the seven countries to which it was offered free six refused/returned it. South Africa did so pointing out the in efficacy and the deaths caused. Sad but hardly surprising.

  • bokamotoESPN


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    • 2021-02-17

    The UFC is flying Khamzat Chimaev (@KChimaev) into Las Vegas today, per his manager Ali Abdelaziz (@AliAbdelaziz00). He'll receive medical care in the U.S. for lingering effects of Covid. Abdelaziz said he hopes Khamzat can fight by June, but longterm health is top priority.