Seven children in Senegal died immediately after being vaccinated for COVID-19.


False. There is currently no vaccine for COVID-19 and the Senegalese Government has denied this.


In a YouTube video entitled ‘7 Children Died From The Vaccine’ the speaker refers to a tweet and website post claiming that in Senegal “the children that received the vaccine [for COVID-19] died on the spot”. 

According to the World Health Organization (and at the time of writing) there is ‘no vaccine and no specific antiviral medicine to prevent or treat COVID-2019’. 

A spokeswoman for Senegal’s health ministry dismissed the claim as “fake news” when contacted by Agence France-Presse (AFP). She stated that “Senegal is a sovereign country and even if there was a vaccine, nobody could oblige us to vaccinate our citizens”. Medical experts in Dakar are “working to create and certify a vaccine according to procedure. They will be completely transparent about their findings”.

The speaker on the video continues by making a number of further assertions regarding vaccination and the coronavirus. These include that the virus was “manufactured” in order to “scare people and push a vaccine” which in turn are meant to “maim people” and “depopulate”. 

These claims are also false. As we have previously written, and as stated by the WHO, COVID-19 is thought to be a ‘natural virus’ and not a ‘constructed virus’, likely to have its ‘ecological reservoir in bats’.


WHO: Q&A on coronavirus

AFP: Senegalese children did not die from a coronavirus vaccine (which does not yet exist)

Origins of Claim


7 Children Died From The Vaccine

10th April 2020


So this is on a Tweet this morning and it happens to be on ‘Duck Duck Go’. You can see the little duck right there. It said Covid – and one of the reasons I go crazy, instead of calling it the Wuhan Chinese virus they’ve given it another name and they’re trying to confuse people so that they don’t even know that those are the same virus. Also, this was started in 2019 somewhere and manufactured and a plot. And Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment papers went in the same day that the virus broke in the US. Isn’t that a coincidence. But on this link, and there’s a link right there, it’s stating that in Africa the children that received the vaccine died on the spot. The people in charge of the process were now arrested and so should Bill Gates be. But what’s happening is they don’t check dosage when they test these vaccines, they’re using people as Guinea pigs. So the reason you need to go do your homework and get on these things is that they do actually delete these links. A long long time ago, they used to be printed in newspapers and then we could go to libraries and we could always dig them up. What you have on the Internet is when they don’t like truth that harms the narrative they erase it, they delete the links and the videos that contain information, while true, that they don’t want the majority to have. This is absolutely frightening and what they intend to do with, you know vaccines for everybody, is maim people and God only knows what side effects are going to happen depending on your age, your size, the amount that’s in the vaccine. They’re absolutely meant to depopulate and that’s why they had this big crisis and they’re trying to scare people and push a vaccine and by the way, in the past epidemics that they’ve had in viruses, they did not have a vaccine. If you go to my blog and see everything with the virus scams and scares they never ever pushed a vaccine – there even wasn’t one. This is all to chip people and to make everybody have mandated vaccines that just killed seven children. Thank you.