Patients at Wuhan’s makeshift Huoshenshan Hospital were subjected to medical experimentation.


Misleading, vaccine trials took place elsewhere in Wuhan but participants were volunteers.


A YouTube video claims that patients at Wuhan’s makeshift Huoshenshan Hospital were imprisoned and subjected to medical experimentation. The evidence put forward is a combination of news reports and videos from medical facilities in Wuhan.

This is misleading, because it conflates 1) the makeshift Huoshenshan Hospital that was used to treat patients who had been infected by coronavirus and 2) quarantine centres that were used for a coronavirus vaccine trial.

For the former, facilities were set up to urgently treat patients and help manage the health emergency, according to state media China Daily.

For the latter, according to the Chinese Clinical Trial Registry, 108 people, aged between 18 and 60, volunteered to take part in the first vaccine trial and were quarantined at either the Wuhan Spe­cial Ser­vice Re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion Cen­tre or Tongji Med­ical Col­lege facilities. Those who partook in the vaccine trial were all volunteers, many of whom also documented their time in quarantine on social media or have since spoken to the media.


The Chi­nese Clin­i­cal Trial Reg­istry, in the South China Morning Post, ‘Coronavirus vaccine trials: Chinese volunteers recount their experiences’

China Daily in The Telegraph, ‘Inside the Wuhan hospital built in 10 days to treat coronavirus patients’

Origins of Claim


As Media Outlets World wide facts check #leaked information from wuhan as #FAKENEWS as an eerie apocalyptic movie like plot starts to unfold before the worlds stage! As Confirmed reports from this week show the approval of human test trials of Experimental untested drugs on unsuspecting wuhan citizens, the military is approved to take control of the newly built test trial site, that was originally thought to be a hospital! Omanis footage released on #WeChat by a military guard sends out an Omanis message “you better quarantine at home, not here, those who can not recover will be sent to crematory”! While Further Footage showing a Chinese military man in charge of the medical post sending a haunting message to a crowd telling infected citizens this is not a hospital! SO AS NEWS ARTICLES ABOUT 20,000 APPROVED TO BE KILLED ARE FACT CHECKED AS FAKE NEWS AROUND THE WORLD, Military Human Test Trials of 20,000 patients, 1000 at a time for a total of 20 test rounds, tell us a very different story and seems to back up the latest disputed leaks as ACTUAL FACTS! While authorities are ordered to round up infected patients for test trials, the Main Stream Media plays a game of word shuffle, as we watch in terror as the images leaked from wuhan continue to astonish!