The US Government has awarded a contract to manufacture COVID-19 vaccines with tracking microchips.


False. A contract has been awarded to manufacture vaccines, but it does not include microchips.


A video on YouTube reads from a website news report that the US Department of Defence (DOD) and the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) has just awarded a contract to ApiJect Systems for the production of a COVID-19 vaccine that includes a microchip tracking system, so that it can track the location of everyone who has the vaccine.

This is false, whilst the DOD and HHS have awarded a vaccine contract to ApiJect, this does not include microchips. Vaccines are designed to aid the body’s immune system by helping it produce disease-fighting antibodies to specific diseases. There is no vaccine yet for COVID-19, but an international scientific effort is underway to try to find one, which the WHO is coordinating. ApiJect are a company that claims to make vaccines cheaper and safer to use by pre-filling them, so they cannot be reused or contaminated. An RFID chip would be too big to fit in a vaccine syringe, “Even the smallest version of RFID chips are rather large such that none would ever fit into a vaccine needle — these are very small-bore needles” says Dr. Wilbur Chen from the University of Maryland.

The US Government is looking to increase capacity in the supply chain for mass producing vaccines to Covid-19 through the JumpStart initiative, in the event of a vaccine being discovered. Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Mike Andrews said of the contract, “By immediately upgrading a sufficient number of existing domestic BFS facilities with installations of filling-line and technical improvements, ‘Jumpstart’ will enable the manufacture of more than 100 million prefilled syringes for distribution across the United States by year-end 2020”. We have written before about the Anti-vaxxer movement in the US that are concerned about vaccines and forced vaccination. According to the WHO, vaccination is safe and side effects from a vaccine are usually minor and temporary.


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Origins of Claim


“DoD and HHS award $138 million contract to ApiJect Systems to provide pre-filled Covid-19 vaccine syringes with RFID [radio frequency identification] microchip tracking system… Folks, we’ve got to wake up. This is the new normal according to them. This is the global government, this is the mark of the beast. It’s not just the vaccine, but it will put a chip in you, and it will track you if you allow it. You make that decision today. Make that decision today, whether you are going to take that vaccine or not… The only thing, what will you do when they come to your door and tell you it is mandatory.”