The Illuminati is behind the coronavirus, as an attack to take down President Donald Trump.


False. The origin of the coronavirus is not yet confirmed, but is thought to have originated in wildlife.


A video on YouTube details a claimed timeline of the virus’ propagation, stating that the pandemic is false and carried out by ‘the Illuminati’, consisting of Bill and Melinda Gates, the Rotschilds, the UK monarchy, the EU and the UN along with other actors. The video further claims that the purpose of this group is to take down US President Donald Trump by attacking the Chinese economy, and that this group is using the coronavirus as a cover up to shut down countries and airports, as well as leading mass arrests of politicians and celebrities, such as actor Tom Hanks and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife. Finally, the video urges everyone to take out their savings as the internet will be shut down and banks will then not function properly.

These claims are all false. As we have previously written, COVID-19 is caused by a coronavirus and whilst the origin of the COVID-19 virus is not yet known, the Lancet concludes that “‘Scientists from around the world overwhelmingly conclude that this coronavirus originated in wildlife.”

We have also previously has written about the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation conspiracy theory, as well as about false claims that the ‘deep state’ is behind the coronavirus as an attempt to take down President Trump. 


The Lancet: “Statement in support of the scientists, public health professionals, and medical professionals of China combatting COVID-19”

Origins of Claim


“So this coronavirus, it’s a big, big, what can I say, false pandemic. And when I explain the whole narrative so that way you guys can truly appreciate what is really going on with the alliance and with the deep state. Last two broadcasts, I exposed the coronavirus as being a bioweapon. That the pan owners was Pirbright Institute. That the Pirbright Institute was funded by Bill and err, Bill and Melinda Gates ok. So I did a little bit more fact checking and I’m going to give you guys the update on that information. […] I also found out that the Pirbright Institute was founded by Henry Rotschild de Worms, 1st Baron Pirbright. So, lo and behold, we found out that the Rotschild is behind this attack. But I also found out that there is a few parties invested in the Pirbright Institute. Not only is Rotschild the founder of Pirbright Institute, the UK monarchy is also involved. The trustee is Prince Charles, the people who fund this institute is DARPA, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, BBSR Circle, who EU, UN and a few other more organisations. These are the Illuminati that have perpetrated the attack on China.”