President Vladimir Putin has blamed the West for the spread of COVID-19.


The translation of the speech is incorrect. This was a speech given in 2016 for Russia’s Victory Day.


A video of President Vladimir Putin making a speech in Russian has been subtitled in Spanish to make it appear as if Russian President Vladimir Putin is accusing America and Europe of voluntarily decimating the world population.

These false subtitles to not match the speech made by President Putin in Russian. His speech was in fact made on 9 May 2016, Victory Day in Russia, commemorating the surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945. 

In the video, Putin actually says: “Dear citizens of Russia. Dear veterans. Comrade soldiers and sailors. Sergeants and petty officers. Ensigns and warrant officers. Comrade officers, generals and admirals. I congratulate you on Victory Day. This year is the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. History lessons teach us that peace on earth is not established by itself, that one needs to be vigilant, that double standards as well as short sighted indulgence of those who nurture criminal plans are not acceptable. Today civilisation is again facing cruelty and violence. Terrorism has become a global threat… they have not let them down and will always be looking up to the great victory, to the deeds of a heroic generation of victors. Congratulations on the anniversary of the great victory. Hurrah!”

Canal 1, a Colombian state-owned television channel, has also published an article explaining that the subtitles in Spanish do not correspond to the audio in Russian.


Canal 1, ‘El falso video de Vladimir Putin y el Coronavirus que circula en redes sociales’

Origins of Claim


Translation from SpanishToday, I am tired. Tired of everything.   I want to address the leaders of the world.   What are you up to? What diabolical plan are you up to?   You are deliberately … Trying to reduce the population.   And at the cost Of innocent lives. Powerful people of the world …   I am aware of your diabolical plans to reduce the population of the planet.   But today history will show you, rulers … That common sense is stronger.   We demand that you backtrack on your plan. Today I stand here peacefully. Begging you to leave them alone …   The minds of the young and the oppressed. But standing firm and showing that I am aware of your plans. Your policies must urgently change.   Your media must start telling the truth. America and Europe …If they don’t put an end to their plans … They will face …Not only the wrath of God …   But also mine. Back off with your plan. God…and Motherland …Or death. Long live!
Translation from Spanish