The Danish police can enter and seize houses under the new emergency law.


False. A proposal to allow this did not pass in the Folketing.


The video claims that the Coronavirus pandemic is used by the media to control the Danish  population and limit civic freedoms, and that police in Denmark can now enter homes without a warrant. This is false.

The main evidence presented for this is the Danish emergency law that unanimously passed in the Folketing (the Danish Parliament) on 12 March. The law temporarily suspends parts of the Danish constitution by allowing authorities to force citizens to receive medical tests and treatment. The right to freedom of assembly is also suspended. The law is set to expire in March 2021.

A proposal that, if adopted, would have given police the power to enter people’s homes without a warrant, was dropped after strong parliamentary opposition. There were no plans to allow authorities to seize homes, but the new law allows the police to keep citizens in hospitals or in isolation at home during quarantine.


TheLocal.dk, ‘Denmark rushes through emergency coronavirus law’

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Official text of the law

Origins of Claim


“What is behind all of this? Fear, control. They want to take away our freedom and change the laws and we see it. We are living in a crazy time. Right now, this morning I read on the news in Denmark that they are going to change the laws now, the Danish government is going to change the laws. Why? We have to protect all the people. Normally, when they change the law, it would take 3-4 months to change the law and have a hearing and go through all of the things, but now they are just going to do it in two days. Why? Because people are dying. We have to protect the people. And they are going to change the law and come up with new rules that you can now, the Danish government, the police can now enter into a house without a warrant, without permit. They can just enter into a house, they can take people and then can take people and put them in isolation. They can even take their house and use it, if they need that, because of the virus that’s there. Without a permit and go in and do this if they just have a suspicion that people are sick. Can you see how crazy?”